Here are full specs of our GCC Rover M16:

Type A / Type B

Dimensions Width Base: 110mm
Max (wheels protruding): 125mm
Length Base: 160mm
Max (with attachments): 225mm
Height Max: 120mm
Clearance at bottom with 50mm wheels: 43mm
Weight Net: 490g
With battery and an attachment: 660g
Wheels Diameter Base: 30mm
Tyre (min): 32mm
Tyre (max): 50mm
Width Base: 8.4mm
Tyre: 14mm
Steering 4 wheels independently
-90º to 90º
Power Battery 2 cell 7.4V Li-Po battery
Charged 8.4V
Capacity 2100-2200mAh
Motors DC mini metal geared motor
150/300 RPM at 6V
Speed Max (150RPM/50mm tyre) ~ 0.5 m/s
Max (300RPM/50mm tyre) ~ 1 m/s
Sensors Distance Rover type A: HC SR04 ultra sonic sensor
Rover type B: VL53L0X IR laser distance sensor
9dof Sensor Rover type A: GY801 (gyro l3g4200d, accelerometer adxl345)
Rover type B: MPU9250
Camera Pi Camera Module v2 (8 mega pixel
Controller Main Raspberry Pi 3

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