Straight Run Challenge

Last year we had one out of three attempts on the Straight Line Speed Test challenge. Now, in a hindsight, we can blame the gyro or our lack of gyro feedback. It is so easy to spot when the mean value of every oscillating, noisy gyro is not quite on. The accumulated value tends to […]

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Light Armoured Mobile Nerf Cannon

  Finally got a short break between tinkering with OpenCV, complaining about sensors and fine tuning the rover logic for Somewhere Over the Rainbow challenge to write up about our take on the Duck Shoot challenge. We started with and with very limited knowledge about Nerf guns. The only thing that was provided for the […]

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Virtual PiNoon?

With one challenge sorted, and a few more on the way, we have decided to take a little moment, and make a game – we aren’t called the Games Creators Club (GCC) for nothing! With only weeks left, we should have been focusing on the other autonomous challenges, and other challenges that we are far from […]

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